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Bell Howell Air Purifier

Bell Howell Air Purifier - Ionic Whisper - As Seen on TV

Bell Howell Air Purifier - Ionic Whisper - As Seen on TV Caution: the air you breathe could be hazardous to your wellbeing.The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that covered air at home and at work may be up to 10X more impure than the air beyond! Often it is unscented, lurking like a disguised monster that causes eye, nose, or throat irritation, headaches, vertigo, tiredness, and enlarged asthma attacks.Clean Air With Ionization.Our ion generator is silent and exceptionally distinct. Streams of denial ions blast like a military to transport down the invading pollutants and odors. Air is left with the nippy, rejuvenating emotion of a give day!Whisper Silent Operation.The Bell+HowellR Air Purifier and Ionizer has a Whisper Silent Operation so you won't even know it's on! Its 2 velocity process allows you to lever to scour air at specially race or Whisper Silent Operation use for 24/7 cleaning.Never buy replacement filters again.The Bell+HowellR Air Purifier and Ionizer uses an undying filter, which is painless to dust and never has to be replaced. Just wipe the collectable spotless it's as unadorned as that! Air cleaners that don't use filters can establish their own pollution. Interior parts that stockpile the dust have to be detached and scrubbed, and some of that substance winds up on your walls and furniture!Costs just pennies a day to run.The Bell+HowellR Air Purifier and Ionizer uses only 7 watts, fewer electricity than a 60-watt bulb! So why pay hundreds of dollars for an ionizer when you can get an air purifier and ionizer for so much minus?How can we deal this trait at such a value?This air purifier and ionizer skin the expertise and value that you would demand from Bell & HowellR, a manager in hurtful edging goods for almost 100 time. We have a full arrangement to submit you this air cleaner at an unbelievable value due to high level capabilities. Nevertheless at this estimate, cattle will be free out ahead! Ask for pricing when you buy two air cleaners. At these prices you can buy one for every extent!

Features: Bell Howell Air Purifier

* 2 alacrity business
* Suitable for extent up to 300 sq ft
* Built-in eternal filter
* Includes A/C adapter
* Whisper Silent Operation
* Never Buy Replacement Filters Again
* Costs Pennies A Day To Run

UPC: 844296012107
Product Length: 2.5
Product Width: 4
Product Height: 12

Healthier, Fresher Air in Your Car
As Seen On TV
For All Autos

Featuring: Bell Howell Air Purifier

* UV Clod Cathode Lamp
* 90° Adjustable Pivot
* Powerful Fan


* Germs
* Bacteria
* Mildew
* Pet Odors
* Cigarette Smoke & More...

Get Healthier, Fresher Air in Your Car!

Introducing Bell+Howell® Auto Air Purifier that sanitizes and removes odors, departure your car's air airy and wholesome. It eliminates yeast, bacteria, microbes, pet odors, cigarette smoke and more.

The bouquet has a built-in UV Cold Cathode lamp which generates super-refining ozone, one of the strongest disinfectants there is. Building-in fan with its Whisper Silent Operation™ evenly disperses and circulates haunting refining breeze.

Auto Air Purifier plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket and pivots in a 90° position for maximized performance. No filters needed.

Building-in Fan
Evenly disperses & circulates distinct refining breeze.

Adjusts to 90 gradation point to boost performance.

UV Cold Cathode Lamp
Generates super cleansing ozone.

The haunting fan blows purified air into every place of your car, portion eliminate germs while it thoroughly deodorizes.

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  2. It has been said that air purifiers are ideal for those who have young children. This is because, at the early stages of life, children are more susceptible to illness.