Thursday, August 27, 2009

Advantage Human Resourcing

Advantage Human Resourcing

405 Lexington Ave # 32

New York, NY 10174

This condition has left to the BBB and the FTC with no rejoinder. Advantage Human Resourcing

In October of 2005 I was living in New York City looking for employment, I was referred to Advantage through a helper who had been effective there herself. My buddy gave me the information and told me to exchange Krystal Boninsegna for a stand with American Express or one of they're other clients. After I sent in my resume to Ms Boninsegna, I went into Midtown Manhattan chronicle and to take some tests. The first time I went into Advantage was sometime in October, I had to respite up my hours of hard because I was coming down with the flu that week. When I tried passion back to determine on my difficult, every time I called I got a receptionist or pronounce packages. I was told I would get a call back but never did to kill up on my tough. It wasn't awaiting a month later in November I determine my registering and had an interview with Clair Anastase. According to Ms Anastase in my interview I had in November 2005, I fixed all my tests excluding for Microsoft Word (I was a few points under). I explained how I agreed that ordeal at other agencies and felt it was much harder at Advantage, she agreed and told me she scales them, She never mentioned me retaking it otherwise I would have. Ms. Anastase said she felt I would be best right for a secondary Administrative secondary outlook when one becomes offered. That is what I was led to suppose because I was asked to fill out my paper work. However, after weeks of getting the runaround, mission and exit post I could not get any response back as to when a take would be vacant. Finally in December I got in commerce with Ms Boninsegna after numerous mail and emails. Ms Boninsegna not only declared I was not suitable for any positions through their company based on my test scores in Microsoft Word but also because I didn't know any programs like Lotus notes or Microsoft Access, which was something I was never informed of in the earlier. In January I tried work Bea Martinez several time, who I was told was the supervisor of the NY workplace. I hunted to negotiate to Ms Martinez because I required to know what I could do to get a status, as well as I also sought to know why I was told two different gear from two different associates at Advantage. She refused to call me back even after I contacted their home workers in CT and reported their conduct towards me. In the months from October to February I was given the runaround, unnoticed and to some mark I felt as if I was being treated unduly by the staff of Advantage HR in New York City. Had circumstances been somewhat different, this behavior could have been considered illicit as well as unprofessional. Sincerely, Charles Advantage Human Resourcing

Advantage Human Resourcing Company Information on Jigsaw
Headquarter 1055 Washington BLVD.
Stamford, 06901
Country USA
Phone Number +1.203.967.3004
Industry Business Services
Employees 250 - 1000
Revenue $10 - 50M
Ownership Privately Held
Advantage Human Resourcing


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